What we do

Since launching in 2017, we’re proud to have helped scale some of Europe's best-known brands in tech. We've partnered with companies of all sizes, supporting early stage startups, scale-ups and tech giants to build their people teams. Tailored to become a trusted extension of your team, we offer two core talent solutions:


A dedicated Talent Partner fully embedded in your team for 3+ months. For a monthly flat fee, you'll have consistency, full visibility and access to insights to refine your processes well-beyond the project.

Our high-touch approach means we’re limited to how many clients we can partner with each year. If we're at capacity or not best placed to fulfil your needs, we'll be happy to point you in the direction of others who can help.

Who we've worked with over the last 5 years

What they've said about us

Scale project to hire 40+ across their global People team in London, Barcelona, Madrid, Singapore, Hong Kong & Melbourne.
"Mark is a phenomenal and strategic builder of teams. Mark fully embedded himself in the Deliveroo HR team and represented us and our culture impeccably. He and his team were incredibly quick to understand value-fit, and that was reflected in the quality of the talent he connected us to. Deliveroo scaled its TA team from ~12 to 66 globally in the less than a year, and we wouldn't have been able to do it without his support and counsel."

— Global Head of Talent, Deliveroo

Scale project to hire 10+ into their Employee Experience team in Dublin
"What I love about Re:Work is the calibre of the candidates they put forward, and their absolute knowledge of their client's needs in terms of profiles. They are my go-to, and I have hired many great people from them to date."

— EMEA Head of Recruiting, Airbnb

Scale project to hire a new HR, Reward, Analytics & Recruiting team in Amsterdam
"Mark is a pleasure to work with and makes the effort to give fantastic preparation and context. He always displays passion and enthusiasm about the clients and individuals he is partnering with which is why we work with him again and again. This is particularly impactful when it comes to companies that don't have a big well-known brand. For instance, I wouldn't have joined Beat if it wasn't for Mark's compelling introduction to the company."

— Leadership Recruiter, Engineering, Beat

Scale project to relocate six Recruiters across Europe to their Berlin & Zurich offices
"Mark is an outstanding recruiter and a great person to work with. He was very instrumental in helping GetYourGuide find some amazing recruiters. He is very responsive and communicative about work he is doing and candidates. I would not hesitate to work with Mark again. I recommend him for anyone looking to build out their HR team."

— Talent Acquisition Director, GetYourGuide

Scale project to build their Sales Recruiting team with 5 hires in London & Dublin
"Mark and I have been in contact for a few years, more recently, when he reached out to me regarding a great opportunity. I could tell he spent a lot of time with the prospective company, getting to know their business. Mark's personality & attention to detail ensured that I had all the information I needed at every step in the process to make a very informed job decision! I would highly recommend Mark and look forward to working with him in the future."

— Talent Acquisition Manager, Qualtrics

Contingency project to hire two Senior Tech Recruiters in London & Barcelona
"I engaged Mark to help me find experienced recruiters for my team. From the initial conversation where Mark took the brief, he was really engaged in understanding the needs of both my team and Skyscanner. Mark provided me with high-quality CVs, and all the candidates were all were briefed, fully understood the role and experts within their fields.

I hired 2 Senior Recruiters through Mark, who were able to add value to the TA team as soon as they joined, and both have become integral parts of my team. I would highly recommend Mark and his team for understanding your recruiting needs and find talent that fits them."

— Global Engineering Recruitment Manager, Skyscanner

Contingency project to hire a Senior TA Partner for their Dublin HQ
"Mark was extremely professional, knowledgeable and supportive throughout the recruitment process at Stripe. He offered guidance throughout the interviews, offer process and was always on hand when I needed to ask something."

— Senior Business Recruiter, Stripe

Contingency project to build out the new TA team for a Series A startup in Munich.
"I worked with Re:Work to hire our first Head of TA and Senior Tech Recruiter. I was very happy with the quality of candidates that Re:Work presented in a short timeframe, and they put in place a clear process which led to a great partnership. I'd gladly recommend the team to any other startups hiring their first recruiter."

— Founder & CEO, arculus

Contingency project to hire two Senior Sales Recruiters for their new enterprise sales team in London & Munich
"Mark placed me at Apple, and I have to say the contact from beginning to end was very helpful, pleasant and competent. Mark always kept me in the loop, so I was aware of the next steps at all times. I really appreciate this especially as I am a recruiter myself and the candidate experience is most important - 5 stars to Mark!!!"

— Senior Enterprise Sales Recruiter , Apple