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Mark Shortall

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Mark Shortall


Sitting on the other side of the table isn’t easy. Here are some simple tips to help with your preparation:

Tailor your CV.

It’s a time consuming and frustrating process but a well thought through, achievement led CV will help ease your nerves. You'll have the confidence that the interviewer can clearly see how you’ve had an impact in your previous roles even if you don't get to cover everything.

Prepare to be open and honest.

You can do the role on paper but they want to know if you will actually enjoy it and if you’ll fit in. You’ve heard a thousand canned answers and you know how obvious they are to spot. Being your genuine self will only help both sides decide if this is the right opportunity for you.

When are you at your best?

It’s important to really think about your strengths and get a rounded view. Go through your past performance reviews, speak to a trusted colleague/friend and go in with the confidence knowing that you’ve reflected on your career, what went well, what didn’t, what you enjoy and what you can offer.

Research the company.

Not the history, org chart and recent financials but their culture and values. What is your favourite product/service? What is the biggest challenge they are trying to solve? The question “Why do you want to work here?” is often a missed opportunity. Show your enthusiasm by digging deeper.

Be specific. 

Practice what you preach when it comes to the STAR and CAR technique. High-level answers might get you through the phone screen and first round but won’t make you stand out. Selling yourself in a concise, structured and compelling way takes practice.

Don’t overthink it.

Being over prepared, over rehearsed and stiff is worse than not having amazing answers. They want to enjoy the conversation and get to know you.


Sample Questions:

Here are some sample questions to help you prepare. I purposely haven’t included suggested answers as the key to a great interview is to be authentic.